What’s the Best Place to Stay on the Magdalen Islands?

Among the hotels in the Magdalen Islands, there’s one that you should definitely consider. You’ll find out what makes Château Madelinot distinctive, why it should be on your list of places to visit, and we’ll give you an in-depth look as a guest that you won’t find anywhere else in this review.

Review of Madelinot’s Wines

Your questions and expectations will be answered in this evaluation of the Château Madelinot hotel in the Magdalen Islands (Îles de la Madeleine) if you’re staying here for the Baby Harp Seal Observation or to explore the winter or summer.

However, our visit was in the winter, so our evaluation will be more focused on cold-weather vacations.

Compared to other review sites, the information on this page reflects the most recent wave of renovations, making it far more current.

The location of Château Madelinot can be found here.

So, let’s begin with the fundamentals. Your knowledge of the Magdalen Islands is a given if you’re staying at Château Madelinot.

The hotel is located on Cap-aux-Meules, the most developed island in the archipelago. Because of the island’s location, “downtown” may be reached in as little as 3 minutes by automobile.

Les Pas Perdus and Coeur d’Herboriste are two of the most popular restaurants and cafes on the Magdalen Islands, which are located near the CTMA ferry dock.

The Cap Alright Lighthouse, which can be found in the Pointe-Basse area just before the Havre-aux-Maisons and Château Madelinot bridges, is just a short drive from the north-east corner of the island.

As a further bonus, because it faces east, this hotel’s sunset is one of the best photographic opportunities on the Magdalen Islands.

Why stay at Chateau Madelinot?

Before we go any further, we recommend reading our post on the best things to do in the Magdalen Islands in the winter.

However, despite the fact that it is not a true château as most people would imagine, there are many compelling reasons to stay in the Magdalen Islands at this coastal hotel.

Chateau Madelinot is the largest hotel in the Magdalen Islands and the only full-sized hotel on the islands that isn’t a lodge.

It is only possible to watch the baby seals if you stay at the hotel, which runs the Harp Seal Observation.

The hotel’s restaurant, Resto Bistro Accents, is connected to the property, so you can eat at any time of the day or night. When it’s cold outside, your options are a little more limited. Although a bit pricey.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have access to the full range of hotel amenities that a property like Château Madelinot can provide because most properties on the island are B&Bs or rentals rather than hotels.

This can be a significant benefit if you plan to utilize any of these facilities because they are not common in B&Bs or rentals.

Just a few blocks from downtown, you’ll have access to a wide range of amenities, including a variety of restaurants, convenience stores, and other services. In addition, the airport is just 8 minutes away.

Consistent quality, service, and overall stay: There’s something to be said for knowing exactly what you’re getting and having no surprises.

The rooms and other portions of the hotel interior have been completely remodeled, and they’ve spent a lot of money on it.

Process of making a reservation

You may reserve your stay at Chateau Madelinot in a number of ways. Taxes are the only variable that differs between the various situations.

The mode of payment is an important consideration when deciding which platform to use. Booking, for example, accepts payments via PayPal.

With’s Genius Loyalty Program, you may earn points for every dollar you spend. There aren’t any Genius tier discounts available for Château Madelinot, but you could be working your way up to a better tier.

There are some people who prefer to book through TripAdvisor because it provides not only reviews but also the chance to book through relevant platforms in your area.

Visiting Iles de la Madeleine in the winter might be dangerous if you don’t have the proper gear. In our all-inclusive manual,

Reaching The Magdalen Islands

To reach the Magdalen Islands, you may have to take a longer route than usual. In our main guide, we go into great length about how to get to the Îles de la Madeleine, but here’s a little primer.

The Magdalen Islands’ Port of Entry

You may arrive to the Magdalen Islands in two ways: by plane or boat.

We flew from Montreal to the islands with PASCAN Aviation, with stops in Quebec City, Bonaventure, and Gaspé on the way, to get there. Air Canada and PAL Airlines are two other airlines that fly to Îles de la Madeleine.

Air Canada currently does not serve the islands during the winter, therefore flight schedules will be highly variable depending on whether it is peak or low season.

CTMA is a ferry service that connects Souris, Prince Edward Island, with Cap-aux-Meules, New Brunswick. They’re open all year round. In the summer, there is a cruise from Montreal to the Îles de la Madeleine.

Car Hire

A single luggage belt, a waiting room, check-in counters, and car rental booths are located in a compact all-in-one terminal when you exit the plane at Îles de la Madeleine airport.

Unless you’re staying at the Chateau Madelinot, you’ll need to rent a car to get about because the hotel doesn’t provide shuttle service for guests.

It’s unlikely that any of the major automobile rental firms will be there. Agence de Location des Îles and Leblanc Location d’Autos are the only two options. As it turns out, the biggest of the two, Agence de Location des Îles, is where we picked up our rental car.

We strongly advise that you also get car insurance when you make your reservation.

Finally, if an SUV is available, take use of it. A minivan isn’t a bad option, but a vehicle with high traction is essential for driving in deeper snow and on treacherous slopes.

In our Magdalen Islands book, we go into great detail about island driving, including winter driving tips.

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