Visit Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia, and Take Part in These Activities!

In the vicinity of Lombok, you’ll find Gili Air, one of the Gili Islands’ trio. White sand, turquoise water, and an abundance of marine life surround this tiny island, making it an excellent addition to your Bali Route. If you want a more relaxed pace of life, consider Gili Air, whereas Gili Trawangan is a great choice for those who enjoy a good time every night. Follow our Things to Do in Gili Air Guide for a two- to four-night stay.

Attractions in the Island of Gili Air

There are no cars on the Gili Islands, which is a blessing in disguise. It is possible to pedal your way around the entire island in under 30 minutes due to the island’s modest size. There are three main modes of mobility in the area: bicycling, riding an electric bicycle, and riding a horse-drawn cab. Horse taxis are typically discouraged since it is widely known that they are mistreated by the people who ride them.

Advice: There are three ATMs on the Gili-South Air side of the island. A second location can be located a short distance to the north of this one.

Gili Airways offers a cooking class with a local chef.

Indonesian cuisine is a visual and gastronomic feast that is sure to please both the eyes and the palate. Participating in a Gili cooking class is a fantastic way to learn about the island’s cuisine and the ingredients that are used in its preparation. Waroeng Alam Damai offers free cooking classes where you may learn how to make your own supper and sambal. Give him a generous gratuity to demonstrate how much you value his services.

Please keep in mind that the majority of cooking classes take place before noon.

In the Sculptures, you can go swimming with the fishes.

Scuba diving in the Gili Islands is a must-do activity. A variety of fish find refuge and protection in the underwater sculptures off the coast of Gili Meno, which serve as a diving destination and shelter for divers. When you put your goggles on and dive into the water, you’ll discover a whole new world. The underwater sculptures of the Gili Islands are discussed in greater depth here.

Gili Air can be reached by boat in 15 minutes, and from there you may travel to Gili Meno in another 15 minutes. This was our favorite activity on Gili Air, and we would recommend it to anyone visiting the island.

Concerts on the Beach with Live Music

In the Gili Lumbung Beachclub, you may relax in beanbags and listen to live music while watching the sun set into the water against a backdrop of the Bali Volcano.

Participate in a beach clean-up!

Unfortunately, we all have a responsibility to play in ensuring that paradise does not become a hellish experience for the next generation. Every country on the planet requires a weekly clean-up, and companies like TrashHero make this feasible! It takes only one or two hours to clean in the morning or afternoon, making it a practical way to meet new people in a short amount of time. Consider these suggestions for decreasing plastic waste and traveling without it!

Circumnavigate the island on a bicycle.

Renting a bicycle is one of the most enjoyable methods to discover Gili Air and its surroundings. Examine the best beach clubs on the island’s beachfront, or take a bike ride into its center to gain a glimpse into the daily life of the island’s population while sampling some of the island’s best cuisine.
In the event that you arrive by boat, you can either rent bicycles at the port or at your hotel.

Take a Spin on the Sands of the Beach

Make the most of the countless swings that line the streets of Gili Air and enjoy the scenery. But don’t worry, at the beach clubs, you can swing for free if you want to. It is possible to find this bright pink swing at PinkCoco.

While on your next vacation, you can take use of the swings to capture the perfect Instagram snap. Unlike the swings on Gili Trawangan, there are no lines to wait in for a photo opportunity on these swings. They take on a whole new level of beauty at night!

The greatest spa on the Gili Islands

Gili Air’s Slow Spa will make you feel even more lethargic than you were before you arrived. Its gorgeous bamboo spa on the Gili Islands is a favorite location for both visitors and expats, and it offers a wide selection of treatments to suit every need. All travelers are welcome to visit the Slow Villas’ Slow Spa, which is located on the premises.

Go snorkeling with turtles while in the Gili Islands.

Gili Air is a beautiful island where you can go snorkeling or scuba diving in crystal blue water. The northernmost portion of the island is home to a large number of sea turtles. Because of this, it is likely that a turtle will be observed. If you go swimming at low tide, the corals will be dangerously close to you. You run the danger of inflicting damage to the corals, as well as hurting yourself in the process.

At sunset on the West Side, there’s nothing better.

The sunsets on the west side of Gili Air are the most spectacular. It’s possible to view Bali’s Mount Agung in the distance if the weather is good on clear days.


Enjoy floating through the ocean like a Manta Ray while a boat pulls you in the direction of your destination. The ‘Subwinging’ experience offered by Gili Air is a terrific delight for thrill-seekers.

Gili Air is home to a variety of eating alternatives to choose from.

Although it is a small island, the island is home to an array of wonderful cafes that serve food from around the world, despite its small size.

  • The Sunny Warung is a traditional Indonesian restaurant (incredible local food)
  • Camila is a woman who goes by the name of Camila (best sushi)
  • Warung Alam Damai is a restaurant in Damai, Indonesia (delicious local food)
  • The Gili experience is one of complete relaxation (smoothie bowls)
  • Mexican Cuisine in Its Authentic Form (yummy Mexican)
  • Mother Earth is a woman who is a mother to all of us (best vegan options)
  • Italian design in its purest form (best coffee)
  • Herbs like thyme and coffee

Getting to the Gili Islands by Fast Boat

A speed boat is the most efficient mode of transportation between Bali and the Gili Islands. Some of the ports from which boats depart are Serangan, Sanur, Padang Bai, and Amed, to name a few. Depending on when you travel, a return ticket to Bali might cost anything from 28 to 63 dollars (400,000 to 900,000 IDR). The price varies depending on the company, the level of luxury, and the time of year.

The island of Gili Air may be reached in 2.5 hours by speed boat from Bali. In the southern portion of Gili Air, near the pier, is where you will pick up your rental car (see map).

In fact, we’ve gone to the Gili Islands twice already, and the waters have been rough on both occasions. In order to save money, we recommend that you invest a bit extra money and cruise with Blue Water Express.

You are not required to make a reservation with your Gili boat company for a return time. If you intend to return to Gili Air, please notify them at least one day in advance.

The greatest time of year to visit Gili Air is when the weather is the most pleasant.

The best weather may be found throughout the summer months of July and August, as well as the winter months of December and January. The rainy season technically begins between November and April, however it is nothing compared to the torrential downpours experienced on the Indonesian island of Bali.

A hotel on the island of Gili Air

On the island, you will find hotels and guesthouses in a variety of pricing levels.

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