Orange Beach, Alabama Attractions: The Ultimate Guide

This list of the greatest things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama, includes activities ranging from water sports to museum visits to arts and crafts.

Alabamians are well-known for their Southern hospitality and flavorful BBQ grills, as well as their spectacular natural beauty and miles of beautiful Gulf Coast beaches. On the Alabama Gulf Coast, Orange Beach is a popular destination. No worries, the beach’s name isn’t based on the color of its sand, but on the fact that it once attempted to cultivate oranges! It was such a huge accomplishment for the people of the area that they decided to name a city after it!

Aside from that, Orange Beach is the furthest easterly point on the Gulf Coast, so it’s time to head to the Gulf! What does that mean? The sun shines down on you! As a result, visitors may enjoy a variety of outdoor activities year-round.

As a famous tourist destination in Alabama, Orange Beach has a plethora of activities to choose from. Make sure to check out all of the greatest Orange Beach attractions in this list to plan the perfect vacation.
Orange Beach, Alabama, Weather

Knowing that the weather at Orange Beach is replaceable is critical for tourists. One of those areas where it can be wonderfully sunny in the morning then rain at lunchtime. Summers are humid, too. What is my key piece of advice for you, then? Get ready!

Ono Island and Ole River

During the summer months, temperatures can exceed 32 degrees Celsius (89 degrees Fahrenheit). Temperatures could reach 23°C (75°F) at night! During the months of May to September, the weather is great for water sports, making this the best time to come. But hold on… if you were planning to bring your sun hat and flip flops with you on your summer vacation, think again! Summer turns out to be the wettest season of the year. So don’t forget to pack your raincoat and flip flops… I know, it’s a strange pairing.

Temperatures in the winter range from 16°C (62°F) to 6°C (44°F). In Orange Beach, October is the driest month, so plan your trip accordingly.

Activities in Orange Beach, Alabama, That You Should Not Miss

The Wharf Orange Beach is a great place to drink and eat.

The Wharf, located on the Orange Beach Waterfront, is Orange Beach’s most popular tourist attraction. Orange Beach’s primary tourist attraction, the Wharf, is home to a slew of funky cafes and seafood joints serving up fresh, locally caught seafood.

We recommend checking out Southern Grind Coffee House if you’re on vacation and looking for an unusual coffee shop. It’s known for its eccentric decor and antiques. A courtyard where you may relax outside with your dog and enjoy the sunshine is included in the menu!

Creatively Express Yourself at Coastal Arts Center

On a wet day in Orange Beach, the Coastal Arts Center is one of the best places to go. This 10,000 square foot art gallery presents the best fine art from local artists. But it is more than simply an art gallery, it also features a clay workshop and glass blowing studio where you can observe the artists and creatives in action.

Visiting the Coastal Arts Center is one of the greatest things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama

There are also art events, classes, and workshops available if that’s something you’re interested in. Taking the kids on a trip? They’ll enjoy the scavenger hunts here as well, especially for the little ones.

If you’re thinking about taking an art lesson, the Art Center at Wolf Bay is a great place to do it because of the picturesque seaside setting. Make a stop at the gift shop if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind keepsake for your loved ones back home.

Take a Hike or a Bicycle Backcountry Trail of Hugh S. Branyon

There is so much wildlife in Orange Beach that it would be a shame not to go hiking or biking while you are there. The Hugh S. Branyon Backcountry Trail is one of Orange Beach’s top hiking spots.

The trail passes through six distinct ecosystems, including sand ridges, freshwater marshes, coastal dunes, swamps, and pine and oak forests, and is only a short drive from the resorts. Even if you’re not the most physically active person, you can still enjoy the trek. Consider the possibility that you might see some wildlife as you travel. This area is home to white-tailed deer, otters, alligators, and boars!

Throughout the path, you’ll find a wealth of information about the area, as well as helpful directional signs.

Indulge on a Dolphin Safari.

Orange Beach is a great place to visit if you like marine life. There will be plenty of marine life to witness while you’re here, given that you’re right on the Gulf of Mexico.

Take an eco-dolphin boat trip while you’re in Orange Beach! This tour takes you to the bay, where you may swim and play with the amazing marine life!

It doesn’t get much better than witnessing these exquisite creatures in their natural surroundings. What’s the most exciting part? Whether you’re visiting Orange Beach in the summer or the winter, these cruises are available for you to take part in!

Find out more about the nature center at Gulf State Park

The Gulf State Park Nature Center is a must-see for animal and nature lovers. For nature enthusiasts, there is no better spot to go in Orange Beach than this.

If you’d like to learn more about the wildlife in the Gulf area, there are regular seminars and workshops throughout the year at this facility.

Additionally, guests can take nature and beach walks to learn more about the area’s animals. The friendly turtles, alligators, snakes, and owls here will be a huge hit with kids on vacation!

You can unwind at the Orange Beach Waterfront Park

Beautiful bayside park featuring a walking path, promenade, and bay at Orange Beach Waterfront Park. They have BBQ grills so you can cook up a couple steaks and enjoy a peaceful picnic in this peaceful environment.

For families looking for something to do in Orange Beach, look no farther than this serene park, which features a playground for the little ones as well as a tranquil fishing pier for the parents.

Orange Beach’s Adventure Island Amusement Park Is A Must-See For Everyone

Adventure Island is one of the best things to do with kids in Orange Beach. This is one of Orange Beach’s most popular amusement parks. Ride the go-karts and bumper boats or play 18 holes of seaside mini golf with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what time of year or who you’re traveling with, this theme park has something for everyone!

You can go deep sea fishing for the first time.

When it comes to deep sea fishing, Orange Beach is a great site to get your first taste of it. You’ll have a good chance of catching a wide variety of fish if you’re close to the Mexican Gulf. The captain of the boat you hire to take you fishing will even cook the fish you catch! That would be an incredible adventure!

Visit Alabama Point East State Park and soak up the sun on its pristine beaches.

Going to the beach is an absolute must when visiting Orange Beach. Just a short drive from Orange Beach, the Point East State Park has some of the nicest sandy beaches, dunes, and boardwalks for a relaxing day by the ocean.

It’s possible to cool yourself with a dip in the ocean throughout the summer months. Make time to go birdwatching on one of the state park trails while you’re in town in the winter. The snowy plover and loons are only two of the many migrating species that converge to this area during the winter.

The Fort Morgan Historic Site is a great place to learn about American military defense.

It’s a must-see for history aficionados to visit the Fort Morgan Historic Site at Mobile Point. Built between 1819 and 1833, Fort Morgan is a masonry fort at the tip of a beautiful peninsula.

In 1864, it played a key role in the Battle of Mobile Bay, when it guarded the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.

It saw action in the American Civil War, the Spanish-American War, and both World Wars. Fort Morgan is a great place to visit if you’re interested in witnessing US Army fortifications built along the coast for defense purposes.

In Orange Beach, where to stay?

The Resort at Perido Beach

A luxurious beachfront resort has just been uncovered in the heart of the city! Perdido Beach Boulevard is home to the Perido Beach Resort, a four-star luxury hotel. Orange Beach’s top attractions are within easy walking distance if you stay here.

The resort has a seasonal outdoor pool, a restaurant, and a bar where guests may enjoy fresh local fish. There is a bike rental at Perdido Beach Resort if you need to get from point A to point B quickly.

Each room has a sitting space, a private bathroom, and a bathtub for guests to use. Orange Beach vacations don’t get much better than this.

At Gulf State Park’s Lodge (a Hilton Hotel)

The Lodge in Gulf State Park is another excellent luxury hotel in Orange Beach. It’s a Hilton hotel, so you know you’ll get top-notch service and cutting-edge amenities when you stay here.

The Gulf Shores Public Beach and the Gulf Shores State Park Pier are both just steps away from the hotel’s four-star status. Restaurant, bar, and lounge are all on-site. It’s nice to know that there’s free parking at Orange Beach if you’re visiting by car.

In addition to the large private bathroom, each room comes equipped with a fridge to keep drinks cold (or wine!). Each morning, there’s a decent buffet breakfast to choose from.

Hope this list to Orange Beach, Alabama’s greatest attractions helps you plan your vacation!

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