Mexico’s Cancun Attractions: The Ultimate Guide

In total, there are five lagoons in Nichupte Lagoon: Nichupte, Ro Inglés, Rio del Amor (also known as the “Lagoon of Love”), Caleta Nizuc, and Bojórquez. You may go kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding here.

There are no natural ecosystems left in Cancun after the massive Hotel Zone was built. Bird watchers and biologists will find nirvana in the vegetation that surrounds the waters.

Species of fish can reproduce in a safe, healthy habitat because to the combination of fresh water from the rocks and salt water from the sea.

Trip to Tulum in one day

There’s no need to leave Cancun without visiting the Mayan city of Tulum and its ruins, which were once one of the world’s greatest towns.

The beaches, beach clubs, and yoga retreats in this historic port city are some of Mexico’s best. But the best part is the historic walled city set atop a rock overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

As one of Mexico’s most fascinating Mayan archaeological sites, Tulum served as a significant commercial post and religious center for more than a century between the 11th and 16th centuries. Visit the secluded beach and don’t forget your swimsuit.

Get In The Driver’s Seat!

Want to feel the rush? Is there anything you’d do if you were given control of a $200,000 high-end exotic car and told to go as quickly as you could?

As a rule, you should drive it like you just took it from the dealership! At Exotic Rides Cancun, you may hire expensive and exotic automobiles and learn how to drive them on a racetrack..

The Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Murcielago, Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG are some of the vehicles you can choose from. Woooooo!

Take a Taco Tour of Cancun!

If you’re going to Mexico, make sure you check out Cancun’s best taco stands. Downtown Cancun’s Avenidas Tulum and Parque Las Palapas areas are where you’ll discover the greatest tacos.

For the typical Mexican-shawarma style hog meat taco with a pineapple slice on top, try some Tacos al Pastors. Spices, dried chiles and pineapple are used to marinade pork. The one I prefer!

Even though it originated in Lebanon, it has subsequently become a staple in Mexican cuisine. Tacos made with beef, chicken, shrimp, or even cow brains or udder are all options. If you’d rather have someone else lead the way, you can join a Mexican Taco Tour in your area!

Ruins of El Meco

A series of Mayan ruins that aren’t widely known can be found just north of Cancun’s downtown area. To top it all off, there’s a 41-foot pyramid!

For the Maya, the Yucatan Peninsula’s most important port was undoubtedly Isla Mujeres.

Rent a car, take a taxi, or take a colectivo bus up Avenida Lopez Portillo (also known as the Cancun-Puerto Juarez road) to find them. The location is at KM 27. There are several ruins on the left side of the road right before you get to them.

Cancun’s Best Time of Year to Visit

Snowbirds from Canada and the United States flock to Cancun to escape the cold in the winter months of January through March, which is when the resort sees its busiest season.

Weather-wise, now is the time to visit, with the least amount of precipitation. However, this is also the most expensive and congested time of the year. Spring Break fever often peaks in March.

From April to November, the best season to visit Cancun with children is. Cancun’s rainy season, which lasts from July to October, is the best time to go if you’re on a tight budget.

When You’re in Cancun, Where to Stay?

Tourists can choose from tens of thousands of lodging options in Cancun, from inexpensive hostels to five-star luxury hotels. If you’re on a budget, check out the options listed below for great places to stay in Cancun.

How To Get To Cancun, Mexico

Flying into Cancun International Airport is the most common method of getting to Cancun. Use to get the cheapest flights to Cancun. You can either take a private shuttle or the ADO bus from the airport. At 72 pesos (approximately $4 USD), a bus leaves every 30 minutes.

To rent a vehicle

With Discover Cars, you’ll get the best deal on a rental car. In order to help you get the best deal possible, they search both local and international automobile rental providers for you. Renting a car in Mexico is the simplest way to get around the country.

The Yucatan Peninsula’s less-visited and more secluded areas are best explored by renting a car. It’s my preferred mode of transportation!

Shuttle service to and from the airport in Cancun

Several airport shuttle firms provide trips to Cancun from the airport, and they will pester you as you leave the terminal. Cancun Airport Transportation is arguably the most popular mode of transportation.

Using the Public Transportation System

The ADO Cancun Bus Station has regular ADO buses that may take you all across the Yucatan Peninsula. Buses are convenient modes of public transportation that provide excellent levels of safety and comfort.


Take a colectivo to go around Cancun for the least amount of money (group taxi). If you don’t speak Spanish, it can be difficult to navigate the city using these methods.

Taxis in Cancun

The Yucatan has a “taxi mafia” that will demand exorbitant rates whenever they think they can get away with it, thus most tourists will use a taxi. Before you enter, agree on the price.

Travel Tips & Advice for Cancun

Cancun’s level of safety has been questioned. As you may be aware, Mexico is plagued by a narcotics cartel problem. Tourists aren’t normally targeted by the gangs in Cancun. Stay away from drug stores and you’ll be OK.

Make sure you are aware of the most prevalent travel scams and how to be safe when traveling.

Cancun, the most costly city in Mexico, is a popular tourist destination. Get out of your hotel and dine at the local taco vendors; rent a car and drive about to see the rest of the country.

In Cancun, you don’t have to worry about the sea since that’s just a lie. At hotels and restaurants, drinking water is often re-treated after it has been filtered at the source.

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexico’s victory in the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Visit during the Cancun Jazz Festival in October if you can.

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