A Review of Chateau Madelinot Check-in Process

As you’d probably think of a hotel, this is a straightforward process. Even if your flight is delayed, you’ll be taken care of because there is a receptionist on duty around the clock.

We found the personnel to be quite helpful and courteous, and they were able to address all of our inquiries.

Any inquiries regarding where to dine, where to stock up on supplies, or anything else can be asked for a guidebook or a map.

The Queen Room at the Chateau Madelinot

Queen, Ocean View-Double – We stayed in this room. The vast majority of Château Madelinot’s rooms fall within this category.

The renovated room has a lot more to offer than the old one did. As a result, the majority of TripAdvisor reviews are no longer relevant, having undergone a full makeover.

Decor as a whole

There is nothing dated about the new-look rooms. Hilton Garden Inns and Courtyard Inns have a lot of the same decor, in many respects. The overall impression is that it’s basic and comfortable, despite its lack of sparkle.

You are given two tap (RFID) cards in order to enter the room.

The new carpet, clothing hanging, table, chairs, TV wall dresser, and vanity all have a charcoal gray color scheme that works well with the white walls. The pattern has a two-toned appearance.

Another piece of artwork depicting the islands may be found in this chamber.

A Place to Live

Despite its modest size, the Queen, Ocean View room provides just enough space for a comfortable stay.

Because we don’t expect to spend a lot of time in our room, we don’t have high expectations in terms of the size of the space. In addition, we prefer to pack everything except the things that belong on hangers in our suitcase, so we simply spread out our bags on the floor.

A mini-refrigerator sits next to the closet unit (photo further down). If you’d want to utilize this for free, there’s nothing in it.

There is an ice bucket, two glasses, a plastic cup, and a conventional filter coffee machine set up on top of the LED TV.

Because the building lacks central air conditioning, a wall unit is used to heat and cool it. This is one of the room’s weak points, as it can be rather noisy. The heater’s thermostat was also a little wacky, causing it to alternately switch on and off in an attempt to maintain a certain temperature. Because it was so disruptive, we eventually had to turn it off at night.

Besides the square table, the living room has a single leather couch and two matching chairs.

If you’re in need of a hot water heater, here’s a helpful hint: This service isn’t included in the price of the room, but can be requested if needed.


There’s a new look and feel to the bathroom, which is a welcome change from the old one.

To complete the full-width bathroom vanity, new stone counters, faucets, and sinks are included. However, there is only a box of tissues, plastic cups, a soap bar, a shower cap, and shampoo/conditioner in the bathroom facilities.

Towels, a rubber bath tub mat, additional toilet paper, and a toilet paper holder are kept in cubbies below the vanity.

On the side of the tub, there’s a plastic wall with a built-in grip and a lot of ledges for towels.

The shower head sprayed a little water all around, even if it may have been defective, despite the fact that the temperature control was excellent.

Finally, there is a single hook and a towel bar on the back of the door.


The quality of the bed and the queen-sized mattress is excellent, with just the appropriate amount of firmness and comfort. Also included is a hypoallergenic comforter and two pillows for each person, as well as an adjustable base.

The headboard and the floating bedside tables on each end of the bed are a perfect match.

An old-fashioned alarm clock and a phone sit on the bedside table. Rather, each side features a built-in charging block that includes both standard and USB ports.

Flexible LED lights and lamps are mounted above the bedside table.

The place where you work.

In my opinion, the desk isn’t a good place to work because it isn’t a proper workstation. It’s more of a dining table for two than anything else.

With this table, you’ll be looking for the nearest electrical outlet, based on the layout of your room. We couldn’t sit on both ends of the table since we couldn’t get it to operate in our room because it was so far away.

It can be used as a desk, although it’s not ideal.

Make sure your laptop has a long enough power cord.


You’ll find an iron and ironing board, as well as hangers and additional bedding, in a small locker-style unit in the room instead of the typical closet.

There’s also a shelf above the additional hanger area in this box.

Although there is a closet, you won’t find a baggage rack there.


Your accommodation may have a balcony, depending on the location.

You can leave your room through a sliding door if you have one installed. If you’re looking for a private balcony, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Some units have balconies that are part of a row, while others have their own.

Some of the distinctions are shown in this shot, so if you want a private balcony, request it from the hotel.

In the winter, the furniture on the balcony is stored away, but it should return in the spring and summer months.


Housekeeping standards were different during our trip to Magdalen Islands because of the pandemic, as you may understand.

Housekeeping was not something we requested, but the personnel asked us several times if we needed our room serviced.

As of right now, housekeeping personnel are returning to daily cleaning schedules.

Room Types That Aren’t Typical

Other than the “Signature Accommodation” we stayed in, guests at Château Madelinot can choose from a variety of other room types, based on their specific travel requirements and group size.

We won’t include the “traditional” rooms here because they’re being phased away.

With two queen-sized beds, this room can sleep up to four people.

Towels, plates, and utensils are all included in the kitchenette, which is ideal for longer visits where you’d like to be able to prepare your own meals. You’ll be able to whip up quick and easy dinners using this. The room features a queen-sized bed that can fit two persons.

Larger groups may want to consider a suite, which has a separate living area with a sleeper sofa and a mini-kitchen. There is enough space in this room for up to four persons.


Breakfast time at Resto Bistro Accents
The fact that Château Madelinot is connected to one of the top restaurants on the islands confers a distinct advantage on the property.

Under the guidance of executive chef Hugo Lefrançois, the menu at Resto Bistro Accents features a fusion of Canadian and foreign cuisines inspired by the region’s freshest products. Seafood, fish, wild meats, beef and local produce are all on the menu.

The front entry of the hotel was recently renovated, and a separate door was erected in addition to the elevator access from inside the building. Non-guests will be able to walk right in from the street. If you’re a guest, you won’t even have to leave your hotel to get to the restaurant.

To the untrained eye, this may appear to be an odd design choice, yet it serves as a testament to the company’s growing popularity. The restaurant has gone from obscurity to being one of the best places in the Magdalen Islands to dine at.

This is a clear indication of the high standard of the restaurant’s fare, beverages, and service.

Keep in mind that the hotel’s restaurant is more expensive than some of the others on the islands when planning your trip’s budget.

Finally, if you insist on having an English menu, be sure to inquire.


Breakfast at the hotel is a must-do experience; you won’t want to miss it.

The a la carte menu includes a wide variety of classics, as well as regional delicacies. Among the ones you should absolutely try are:

  • Today’s Smoothie Pick
  • Benedict with eggs
  • A bagel stuffed with smoked salmon
  • Beignets are a type of French crepe (with caramel sauce)

You’ll enjoy the view of the morning from the top floor of the hotel, which comes with endless refills of filtered coffee.

For those who prefer to get their day started early, the restaurant is open from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on weekdays.


In truth, we didn’t eat at the restaurant because it was closed throughout the winter months.

However, if breakfast and dinner are any clue, lunch is going to be fantastic.


This is why Resto Bistro Accents has become a popular eatery in New York City. You’ll be able to see the Gulf of Mexico through the wide windows in the dining room, which are adorned with local artwork and allow you to gaze out at the ocean.

A wide range of starters are available at the restaurant, from the more traditional salads and bruschetta to the more adventurous escargots, salmon tartare, and seal meat.

All-time favorites like poutine and fish & chips are on the menu as well as more unusual dishes like bison flank steaks and braised short ribs.

They serve a variety of desserts, including cakes, tarts, and creme brûlée, all created from scratch.

You can expect to see a wide variety of cuisines from around the world on Chef Lefrançois’s seasonal menu, which is continuously changing.

There are no reservations needed throughout the week, but Friday and Saturday are the busiest days for restaurants, so make a reservation in advance. They do their best to maintain tables available for hotel guests, but it isn’t a given. On the other hand, keep in mind that the restaurant is shut on Sundays.

TIP 2: Check the chalkboard behind the bar for daily specials in addition to the menu. These normally come with a starter, entrée, coffee, and dessert.

In-Room Catering

Château Madelinot does not offer room service.

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