A Complete Review of Château Madelinot Facilities

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the hotel’s other facilities in our Chateau Madelinot review.

Plan of the Structure

Let’s begin by taking a look at the hotel’s layout. There is a huge parking area in front of the main entrance, which is visible from the road.

It’s important to note that the front entrance contains a door to the restaurant and stairs leading to the upper levels (4th floor). The receptionist’s entrance is located to the right. The hotel’s third floor is where you are.

A fork or U-shape emerges from the lobby and reception area, leading to the beach.

Because of the incline of the ground, one wing has three levels, while the other has only two. This complicates things.

If you’re staying in the southern wing, you’ll have to walk the wing and then ascend the stairs or elevator to get to the main lobby. Instead, a parking lot that is level with the second floor is located on that side. If you park here, you’ll have easy access to your wing.

Lobby and Reception Area

There are two receptionist desks and a couple couches in the lobby. Simple and to the point is how I’d describe the setup.

You’ll notice that many of the items you see in the refurbished rooms are based on the concepts you see here in terms of style.

The lobby isn’t really supposed to be anything more than a waiting area because of how it’s planned out.

A map of the Îles de la Madeleine, tourist booklets, visitor guides, pictures, and additional details regarding the Harp Seal Observation may all be found in the lobby and near the elevator and stairwell.

Toy Store

The open gift shop next to the front desk sells a variety of Magdalen Islands items, such as jewelry, stuffed animals, books, postcards, pins, magnets, and clothing.

If you’re shopping for a child, they also provide a variety of games, markers, puzzles, and other items to keep them occupied.

Ask the receptionist to add postage to the bill if you don’t have time to mail a postcard yourself, and they’ll do it for you..


The hotel’s recently renovated gym is located near to the swimming pool.

In the gym, you’ll find a wide range of standard exercise equipment such as treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, free weights, benches, and a complete multi-jungle station kit.

Towels and disinfecting cleaning spray are conveniently located by the front door.

Make sure you bring your own water bottle because there is no water dispenser.

New men and women’s changing rooms have been added to the gym, which will be convenient for individuals who use the nearby amenities.

For entry, a key card is required. The store is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, and Saunas

You won’t find a pool, sauna, or twin hot tubs anyplace else on the Magdalen Islands next to the gym.

This spacious, solarium-style room is ideal for families or individuals looking for a little peace and quiet.

The shallow end measures 0.5 meters, while the deep end measures 1.6 meters, making the pool suitable for people of all ages. You must abide by the pool’s rules because there are no lifeguards on duty.

Outdoor and above-ground hot tubs are located behind the pool. If they’re not in use, the covers are usually on, but anyone can use them.

  • In the end, there is an electric sauna.
  • For entry, a key card is required.
  • Amenities for the Hallway
  • We’ll group together the second-level facilities on this floor.
  • vending machine for soda or pop
  • vending machine for snacks
  • Icing device
  • Microwave
  • Laundry machines with a $2 washer/dryer coin fee


The theater downstairs, which hosts cultural and artistic performances by local artists from the islands during the summer, may be accessed from the lobby level.

Each show has its own page on the auditorium.

Conferencing areas

To the uninitiated, Château Madelinot boasts many conference spaces that may be reserved for corporate gatherings and other special events.


Every lodging must provide outlets and internet access for guests’ electronic devices.


If you’re like me, you’ll be yearning for a few more outlets if you’re constantly plugged in.

With the exception of the outlets that are integrated into the side tables, there is just one extra outlet available for the mini-fridge. The bathroom has an electrical outlet as well.


Even after reading all the unfavorable reviews, the wifi speeds are rather good.

You can instantly join to the network because it is not protected by a password or login portal. Chateau Madelinot, that’s all it is called.

Here are the results of our tests in terms of speed:

Drones in the air

To learn more about flying a drone around the Magdalen Islands, check out our guide to the top photographic spots on the islands.

Château Madelinot is located in Class B regulated airspace, requiring an Advanced pilot certificate and approval of your flight plan by NAV Canada in order to lawfully fly there.

As long as you complete all of the necessary steps, your flight plans in Class B space (the outer circle, not the one closest to the airport) will be automatically approved by the system.

In conclusion, I’d like to mention the facilities at Château Madelinot.

To be honest, I don’t see why you should stay anywhere else during the winter. With fewer establishments available in the cold months, you’ll want somewhere to stay that will be reliably open and supply practically everything you need. The 24 hour staff, in-house restaurant (a fantastic one at that), housekeeping if you need it, proximity to the village of Cap-aux-Meules, airport, and CTMA boat, and facilities make it a care-free stay.

Château Madelinot is no longer just a 3-star hotel in the summer, but there are a lot more possibilities depending on your length of stay and travel preferences. The hotel’s latest improvements have made a big difference.

Consider this accommodation when planning your trip to the Magdalen Islands.

Questions and Answers

Staying at Château Madelinot costs how much?

As of 2022, nightly rates in the winter start at $137 CAD, while in the summer they can reach $174 CAD but on average they are $152 CAD.

When making a reservation at Château Madelinot, are there any additional fees or taxes?

In addition to the basic rate, there is a 3.5% lodging tax, a 5% GST, and a 9.975% QST.

Can I cancel my reservation at Château Madelinot?

If you need to cancel less than 48 hours before your scheduled arrival, there is no charge. If you don’t, they’ll bill you for one night’s stay plus taxes.

For reservations made directly with Château Madelinot, which credit cards are accepted?

JCB, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are all accepted methods of payment..

Reservations at Château Madelinot must be made at least two weeks in advance.

You don’t have to plan too far in advance if you’re traveling in the off-season. Booking for the Harp Seal Observation should be made as soon as possible. During peak season, July and August are quite popular, and reservations should be made as early as possible.

Is it possible to get all-inclusive packages?

It doesn’t, but there are special packages that include meals during the Harp Seal Observation (full-board and lunch-only).

Is Shuttle Service available at Château Madelinot?

Shuttle service is not available in the area, so you’ll either have to take a cab or hire a car yourself to get there.

Is There a Luggage Trolley at Château Madelinot?

There are a few luggage carts in the hotel that resemble those at the airport. There isn’t a large flatbed like at a hotel.

Is There a Concierge at Château Madelinot?

The receptionist at the front desk may absolutely act as a concierge for you if you require anything.

Is There a Bellhop at Château Madelinot to Help with Luggage?

To assist with your luggage, there is a luggage trolley (similar to those found at airports) available, but no bellhop is present.

That concludes my thoughts on Château Madelinot. Thank you for reading. Comment here if you have any specific queries you’d like answered.

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